COVID-19 July Update

As restrictions are slowing lifting, we are seeing the jewellery industry returning to production and our business returning to it's personal service levels. We are still mindful of social distancing regulations and very busy right now, meaning that some jobs may take 1-2 days longer than normal. However we've seen a return to near normal timescales for engagement rings ordered online.

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Create and buy your ring online, choosing from our most popular designs, all timeless. Prices range from £1500 to £3000.
After you’ve purchased your engagement ring, we will arrange a call with you to discuss sizing and any further customisation you require.
If you're interested in our complete services, with full bespoke designs and face to face consultation, please head over to our main engagement rings section instead.
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Please note that images for Gold and Rose Gold rings have been retouched from Platinum to give a rough approximation of the metal colour.