Ring Solutions for
Arthritis & Large Knuckles

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There’s no reason for you to stop wearing your rings

When your wedding or engagement ring won't go over your knuckle it can be quite upsetting. Our specialist service ensures you can keep wearing them, whatever the situation. There are a number of solutions that allow us to achieve this, and we’ll make sure you receive the right one for you. Scroll down for options and price guidance.

The Problems

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If you struggle to put your ring on, or to take it off; or the ring slips around your finger you aren’t alone. For most ring wearers, the knuckle acts as a brake which prevents the ring sliding off, but for over 25% of my clients, it is enlarged beyond being able to comfortably wear a ring without it spinning. This could be injury or arthritis or just genetics.  We offer a ring service to ensure that every ring wearer can comfortably wear their engagement or wedding ring with no slipping, or anxiety it won’t come off. We create new rings or modify existing to be worn in comfort.

The Solutions

There are a number of possible solutions for these issues, our recommendation and subsequent costs vary depending on the size difference between the knuckle and the finger.

A ring with 'speed bumps'

Speed Bumps

Metal curves are added to the interior of the ring, allowing the setting to be taken on and off easily, while preventing spin on the finger. Ring is often resized to add these.

Cost: £200 as a standalone service. May be factored in to other ring work.

  • Great for when there is only a small size difference.

  • Inexpensive

  • Of all the techniques discussed here, this is the simplest solution for existing rings and the least invasive.

  • Careful application is required.

  • Some jewellers add a more ‘pin’ shaped bump which can cause discomfort.

  • Won’t work effectively when there is over two sizes difference between finger and knuckle.

  • Engraving inside ring may be lost.

A ring with 'spring clips'

Spring Clips

A thin strip of gold is curved inside the ring, expanding over the finger and then holding the ring in place.  Ring may be resized prior to application.

Cost: £400 as standalone service. If there are other issues with ring costs will increase.

  • This keeps the ring locked upright in position so very good for stone set rings.

  • Can pinch on loose skin so careful sizing required.

  • Not recommended for fingers where size difference is less than 1 as will make ring harder to put on.

  • Engraving on base of ring will be lost.

A trapezoid shaped ring

Shaped Ring

Ring shank is shaped in either square or trapezoid shape to prevent spinning.

Cost: From £850. This is a very labour intensive process, especially for gem set rings as the setting will have to be reconfigured to retain strength and work with shank shape.

  • This is a great solution for fingers where the size difference is 1-3, as the ring is still very easy to take on and off, and doesn’t roll so great for stone settings.

  • Looks completely natural on the finger.

  • Where the knuckle is 4 sizes larger, this still isn’t the right solution, and may irritate the knuckle going on and off.

  • For existing rings, all original marks and engraving will be lost.

A hinged ring that opens a small amount

Expanding Ring

Pulling firmly on the ring shank opens the ring up to four sizes to slide over the knuckle, and then comfortably snaps back together again. Gold or platinum. .

Cost: From £950 for a wedding ring and £1,300 to remodel existing stone set rings depending on components and metal choice. Some options are made in the USA but final installation carried in the UK by our goldsmiths. Ring setting will drive complexity of integration.

NOTE - Our US manufacturer of these ring shanks has ceased trading and we are currently looking for a replacement. Presently for those with larger knuckles we can only recommend CliQ.

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  • Perfect for those with larger knuckles, or who are concerned that their knuckles may grow in the future.

  • There are no tools required to open and close ring, and the setting is very secure.

  • Looks good as wedding or engagement ring.

  • Hinging is discreet and ring adjustable to open half a size if finger is swollen.

  • For those with knuckles larger than 5 sizes, this is still going to present an issue for these components.

  • The entire ring shank has to be replaced with one of these components. 

  • Wedding rings can’t be fully remodelled.

  • For those with delicate skin or sensitivity, this solution may cause pain or discomfort to finger when removing ring.

A hinged ring fully open

Hinged Ring – CliQ by Superfit

The ultimate solution, these rings are hinged to open 180° meaning that they don’t have to go over the knuckle so will work for any finger size.

Cost: From £950 for a wedding ring and £1,500 for an engagement ring.

View video example
  • This solution will work regardless of knuckle shape and size as the ring opens 180 degrees.
    The hinge can be opened with a ball point pen or similar, and is practically invisible once the ring is worn.

  • CliQ offer a bespoke modelling service so the perfect ring can be designed.

  • Their white gold is a very good shade of white (although not as white as platinum).

  • For some, the idea of needing a tool to take the ring off may be a deterrent.

  • For remodelling, the entire ring shank will be replaced with one of these components. Wedding ring metal can't be included.

  • Rings are not resizeable, and will require checking every 2-3 years to ensure tension is correct for hinge shape. 

  • CliQ can be very expensive for platinum rings – up to 50% more which is hard to justify.  

How it works

How we work with you to find the best solution.

Initial consultation

In an initial 15 minute call we will learn about your jewellery, the issues you’re having, and what you want to achieve. We’ll suggest the best method for you and rough costs. If you decide to secure our services, there will be an up front payment of £300.

Face to face consultation

We will meet and look at your jewellery in more detail. You’ll have an opportunity to see some solutions in person and decide what works best for you and your jewellery.

Jewellery is adjusted

Depending on the method we use, we will take the jewellery off your hands for 1-2 weeks and make the adjustments needed.

Once we are satisfied that everything is perfect, your adjusted jewellery is delivered to you.

The attention to detail and professionalism stands out . Definitely 5 stars . All of my design options were discussed and drawings helped me come to a decision on the finished piece and am totally delighted with my beautiful ring. Ruth is terrific to work with.

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I was looking for a solution to this dilemma when I contacted Ruth; I wished to keep all of the original gold and the same setting for my diamond solitaire and wedding ring, but they had already been stretched two or three times, were getting very thin and I needed to be able to get them over my knuckle without them being uncomfortable and oversized. I was a little nervous when Ruth suggested a softened trapezium shape for both bands but I understood the logic and agreed to move forward with this proposal. Off the finger they look somewhat odd and surprising in shape but once on my finger they look really lovely and they seem to sit very well, don't spin and are certainly comfortable to wear. Thank you Ruth!

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