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We love diamonds. More precisely, good diamonds. We care about the best diamonds in London. We take great pride in the stones we source, these aren't High Street, or Online standard. 

We offer our clients a hand selected curation of fine stones that we think are a great purchase because their appearance demands attention, meaning they will continue to hold their value. Usually these are GIA diamonds, often appraised triple excellent - they visually stand out.

We're a personal service, we don’t list the details of thousands of stones that we've never seen.  Buying an Heirloom diamond gives you a beauty, fire and brilliance to justify investment. We've taken the time to check every stone individually, giving you the opportunity to purchase a diamond that has been viewed, appreciated and recommended by an expert.

These stones won’t be around for long but we will be adding others when we find more we like. If you are looking to find a high quality loose diamond online, and need to ensure that you are getting the very best value for your budget; see if any of the stones below appeal to you.

Round Brilliant 0.51ct
£ 1,030 
Great colour and superb cutting, 5.11mm - 5.14mm.
Round Brilliant 0.53ct
£ 1,700 
Good spread and great looking, 5.32mm x 5.34mm.
Round Brilliant 0.60ct
£ 2,290 
Super sparkle increases stone presence, 5.42mm - 5.44mm.
Round Brilliant 0.70ct
£ 2,630 
Perfect brilliance, 5.72mm - 5.74mm.
Round Brilliant 0.77ct
£ 2,800 
Stand out diamond, 5.91mm - 5.93mm.

Our diamonds listings are updated every two weeks with the latest selections.

Specialist diamond purchasing

We source antique stones, as well as natural coloured diamonds.
Visit our section on specialist diamond acquisitions.

About Our Diamonds

Ruth Looking through a loupe at a diamond

Diamonds have mesmerised for millennia. They have a sparkle unlike any other crystal, and each stone is a miracle of time, place and chance. No two natural stones are ever identical, they all have their own characteristics to be enhanced or played down by cutting and polishing. Despite there being over 16,000 different configurations of stone quality, we have one question; how pretty is the stone?

A diamond in a measurement device

Heirloom diamonds generally come with a GIA appraisal over 0.40cts. We occasionally offer stones from other evaluation bodies (like IGI or HRD) if we like the look of them. And that is the rub, it is easy for a stone to come with a nice certificate, and for us still to feel it’s worthless. Our diamond experts have over 60 years’ experience and they will verify that each stone has a big glittering personality. This is where the value lies, in the stone.  After all, everyone wants the best diamond they can afford.

Want to learn more about diamonds before you buy?

Specialist Diamond Acquisitions

If you are looking to spend in excess of £10,000 on a diamond we offer a more specialist buying service. We are not limited in the types of stones available to us, whether antique, fancy coloured or margin scheme – we have access to some of the best stones in the world.

We can facilitate investment diamond purchases, for those looking to spend in excess of £100,000 on a stone.  Clients can expect to pay 1-5% commission on top of negotiated stone price depending on value, plus expenses and retainer.

Feel free to get in touch with your requirements.

High value security checks

We may subject you to a few extra security checks. Unless you are engaged in criminal activity you have nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked

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Why Should I Buy From You When I've Seen Cheaper Stones Elsewhere?
Why Do You Charge A £300 Retainer?

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

If you are looking for something not covered by our services just get in touch. We’ll be able to answer your question right away and our first conversation won't cost you anything.