Jewellery buying advice - engagement rings

Practical engagement ring buying advice for the perfect ring

Build your search around these six key pieces of engagement ring buying advice.

We do try to wave a magic wand for our clients, and make the ring appear..  However, we have a lot of expertise in this matter!  So here is some of Ruth’s favourite pieces of engagement ring buying advice to help everyone find their ideal ring.  The video covers;

  1. Budget planning, and what you should really spend on an engagement ring.  How many month’s salary?
  2. Knowing her personal style, given this ring is for life rather than this season.  This will also help in store, as you narrow down designs.
  3. Understanding her hand shape, and the difference this can make to a ring looking great, rather than average in order to choose the right style.
  4. Choosing the stone shape, in order to help narrow down the ring design options.
  5. Stone types, it doesn’t have to be a diamond!  How coloured stones can add drama and impact.
  6. Choosing a ring metal, and working out what is going to be best for an engagement ring.

Want to read more?

Have a look at our Engagement Ring Buying Guide which provides more ring buying information.  You’ll also learn more about diamonds here.

Want more advice?

Want more advice?

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Want more advice?

Want more advice?

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