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As per my blog on hand and finger shapes, it is now time to offer some engagement ring style advice for square fingers and hands.
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Physical Appearance

Fingertips have a squarer appearance, and palms also have a square appearance.  Middle finger is likely to be as long as palm although sometimes there is crossover with square fingertips, they can be longer or shorter.

Enhance Square Hands

Square fingers will look best in rings that have softening and feminising elements to their design.

Engagement Ring Tips

Choose round styles and diffused features.  Anything too hard or angular will only emphasise the angularity of the fingers, so avoid chunky and graphic styles which will serve to make the hand look more masculine.  

Square hands suit more flowing looks, and classic designs.  Diffused style engagement rings where there is a creation of space and pattern often work well.   Approach angular geometrics with caution and avoid princess shape stones – they make square fingers look squarer!

Good Stone Shapes

The stone choice for a square hand is more flattering when it is rounded, especially with larger stones.  Oval and round are obvious choices, marquise shaped stones look great and heart shaped stones present an unusual talking point.  Square fingers can take bold, bright stone choices of larger sizes.

Square hands and fingers — Engagement ring shape suggestions

The engagement ring style advice on ring shapes that will look good on short fingers is below.  There is still an endless list of options out there, so keep more of the principles in mind, rather than getting bogged down on the ring styles.  We approach each client commission based on what we’ve been told about wearer tastes and styles, no two rings are exactly the same.  But we do put a lot of thought into what is going to work on each hand.

Oval Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Ring with pear side stones
Oval Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Ring with pear side stones

Classic silhouettes work well on square fingers, provided that they are curved.  This ring is great as the curve keeps things soft on the finger which in turn keeps the appearance form appearing to angular.  The pear shape side stones continue the curved story as well, but could just as easily be round.  Baguette stones would also work, but keep them in line with the stone, and shorter.

Solitaire Engagement Ring in twisted style
Solitaire Engagement Ring in twisted style

This ring style is a winner with most hand shapes, and is definitely good news for squarer fingers.  The slightly twisted effect of the stone setting means that the eye does not travel straight across the ring, the wedding ring shows the route it takes.  It feels slightly more contemporary, and allows for all the attention to be on the centre stone.  Settings which twist slightly are great on square hands.

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Emerald diamond contemporary engagement ring
Emerald diamond contemporary engagement ring by Sarah Jordan. A lot of our clients love her jewellery and we frequently collaborate.

Here is a way to ensure that a straight edged stone still works well on a squarer finger, with a clever stone setting which crosses the finger in a wave shape to soften all lines.  Engagement ring settings like this are brilliant on square hands, offering a smooth contrast which softens the shape of the finger.  Look for engagement and wedding rings which don’t go straight across the hand.

Oval Sapphire engagement ring
Oval Sapphire engagement ring. Sapphires are great for adding a pop of colour and often, a larger stone than the diamond equivalent.

Oval shape stones really work well on square fingers, and here a sapphire is brought up to date in a semi rubover setting flanked by diamonds for extra sparkle.  The size of the stone detracts from the straight shank, and will look sleek and elegant on the the hand.  This style of ring will take other stone colours dependent on skin shade.  Rubover setting is a good way of making smaller stones bigger if you are on a tight budget.

Diffused style engagement ring
Diffused style engagement ring

Diffused shapes are really good on square fingers,  when you stick to soft curves or angled lines.  This ring goes the whole hog, the marquise stone is set at an angle while the ring setting curls around it.  It is unconventional, but something that will look quite spectacular.  Try to avoid parallel lines that run horizontally on the finger.  By keeping the curves you are feminising the hand.

Pearl engagement ring
Pearl engagement ring by Andrew Geoghegan, another regular collaborator of ours.

Bit bold stones work will with square fingers, as the shape plays off the hand shape, and will look more striking.  Stay away from square stones as the effect will not look so good, but experiment with curved shapes.  This ring by Andrew Geoghegan curves around the edges which makes a pleasing line.  Note, pearls can wear faster, so if the wearer is going to be very active you should seek a harder stone.  

Engagement Rings Worn

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As you can see, the soft curve on the rings means that they look more flowing and organic on the hand, detracting from the squre appearance.  It flies in the face of the traditional engagement ring look, but it will look no less timeless if it suits the hand.

More hand shape ring information

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