The Rise of the Wedgagement Ring

Not everyone wants a engagement and a wedding ring – some women prefer a single ring to do the job.  We present the Wedgagement Ring.

For better, for worse, the world of marriage is evolving. Lockdown has been instrumental in forcing things to be a little more stripped back, especially for those just looking for a very simple wedding.  And for some women and men, that involves a single ring at or around proposal time, that is going to be The Ring.

When is a ring wedgagement?

There are some close calls with wedding and eternity bands, but for the purposes of this article, if you’ve been given a ring to wear for your engagement, that is also going to be your wedding ring – this is a wedgagement ring..  They usually involve diamonds or other precious stones and will be more adorned than a plain band.  

Here in the UK, we’ve developed the tradition of wearing an engagement ring first followed by a wedding band (blame De Beers and Charles Tiffany). There are still a lot of individuals, nationalities and cultures only have one (if any ring) for marriage.  So, it isn’t really a new thing, more a modern revival of an old tradition.

Wedgagement Styles

The fun thing is, there isn’t really a textbook for the wedgagement ring.  Some examples are pictured below;

Flush set diamond details -

Perhaps the simplest of them all, here a gold wedding ring is dotted with sparkling flush set diamonds and worn as the single ring.

Eternity Style -

When Marilyn Munroe married Joe DiMaggio - it was this style of ring she chose, a channel set baguette diamond eternity ring, to be her engagement and wedding ring all in one.

Multi Stone Options -

Every jeweller offers some version of this design, diamonds rubover set in varying sizes to create a single eye-catching band that looks like it could be several rings. See our case study here.

Another look sometimes adopted, is when the wedding ring is incorporated with the engagement ring in such a way as to make it a single unit.  Often in this instance, the rings are interdependent, and don’t work as well worn separately.  They may be more complex, and involve more engineering than a standard pair of rings.

Here, the wedding ring is actually the central band with square stones, and can only be worn with the engagement ring because of the complexity of the ring shape. But it's stunning, so you'd never take the pair off anyhow!

Can an eternity ring be Wedgagement?

Yes, although some designs are more practical than other if your intent is to wear this year all day every day.  A dainty little band with micro claw set diamonds will get dirty more easily, and there is a high risk as the years add up of claws getting broken and stones lost or damaged.

This half eternity ring makes a stunning wedgagement, the bar setting offering a lot of protection for the stones. Rings like this still need to be checked regularly to ensure stones are secure.

Some reasons you might consider a wedgagement

  • You would like to wear a single ring (ASAP!)
  • You don’t want a centre stone
  • You want something simple, but with more adornment than a wedding ring
  • You prefer that the ring doesn’t look (too) bridal

Are Wedgagement Rings the future of bridal jewellery?

Probably not..  They aren’t going to appeal to everyone, and for people who prefer to make more of a centre stone, they may not offer the same allure.  But they are a nice option for those in who only want one ring, something equally beautiful, but different.

A Few More Designs..

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Any considerations?

Hand shape is just as important for wedgagement, as in planning any other ring.  If you have shorter or fleshy fingers and your heart is set on a chunky band, you may find it jars after a while because it exaggerates your finger length in the wrong way.  But you can still build up some drama with a more open style setting.

It is no different to choosing an engagement ring, that if you are very active, carry out lots of manual work or DIY then it's a sensible consideration to pick a style that is going to stand up to punishment. Otherwise, you are better off picking an engagement ring that you can wear when you're out or off-duty, and a simple wedding ring that you can wear safe in the knowledge you aren't going lose stones!

Finally, in choosing a design, always make sure it is you wearing the ring.  If the ring is wearing you, it’s going to look wrong!


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