Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #12 - Brilliant Bespoke Bubble Ring

A Bespoke Ring to Cherish

A very special gift from daughter and husband, our client wanted to combine her existing diamond rings into one statement bubble ring, in a design that she would be able to wear daily.

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Piece: Client's gold and white gold rings
Activity: Design rubover set diamond 'bubble ring' to hold client's existing diamonds plus one new one..
Materials: Platinum, round brilliant diamonds

Our client had built up a collection with several pieces of diamond jewellery over the years, diamonds she loved, but on rings that she was no longer wearing as her tastes and style had moved on. With a special birthday on the horizon, her daughter approached being recommended by one of our happy engagement ring clients.

She had a good idea of what she liked, a single ring with the appearance of multiple shanks, and randomly set diamonds. In addition she wanted a new centre diamond for the ring. This combined with her other diamonds gave us plenty to work with!

We began by examining her existing jewellery, discounting a few diamonds that were either damaged or a visibly darker shade than their counterparts. We then provided a few diamond options for a new stone that was the right colour and matched well against the other stones. Measuring all diamonds, we then produced a few 'back of the envelope' concepts for our client, and with design direction from her - provided more detailed layouts that give her a better visual of how the ring was going to look. When she was happy, the ring mount was handmade by our goldsmith, slotting each diamond setting onto the ring individually.

The end result as you can see was a stunning ring, that wild horses were not going to separate from our client! She now wears it everyday, with lots of love given the family story involved.

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