Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #11 - Art Deco Engagement Ring

Calibré Cutting At It's Best

Traditional methods are employed to surround the original diamond with new emphasis restoring the spirit of the 20's (again!).

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Piece: Engagement Ring (Cut from Finger)
Activity: Design Art Deco inspired setting to hold cherished diamond.
Materials: Platinum, round brilliant diamonds, calibre cut sapphires

Hands change shape over time, especially after children. Our client had found herself deeply attached to her original engagement ring when her finger swelled and it stuck! off! She read our blog and invested in a ring cutter which finally (with much bruising) liberated her finger (and ring, two parts!).

This meant that the seed of an idea she had, about upcycling her diamond into a new setting started to grow, and she contacted us with a fascinating project, creating her Art Deco dream utilising the traditional skill of calibré cutting, Calibré usually references faceted stones that are custom cut in order to line up perfectly together. Unlike most designs, there are virtually no gaps between the stones or against the setting. This is often carried out with the stone setter besides the stone cutter, so they can work together getting the shape right. The result, a perfect octagon of sapphire blue, in a stunning double halo.

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