The Making of The Worlds First Platinum Trophy

2018 – A Platinum Trophy for the Athletics World Cup

Following on the Olympics fever of 2012 and 2016 UK Athletics were keen for a new tournament on the Athletics calendar, the Athletics World Cup.  The top 8 ranking countries in the world to compete in a two day tournament.

The results of this are history, but our small role was to create a big prize.  Our remit, to oversee the production of a platinum trophy and 55 winners medals, for the victorious team.  

Original paper sketch by Heirloom London showing athletics trophy concept
Heirloom London's original concept to create a platinum trophy for the Athletics World Cup

As is often the case in these projects, we were on a tight timescale.  For the trophy, once we had a design concept we needed to find a company who were familliar with traditional goldsmithing techniques as well as modern technology, as everything was going to be needed. We went to our friends at DA Soley (who we regularly collaborate with on different projects) – to get them to work their magic, and deliver a final piece worthy of an international sporting tournament.

DA Soley updated the artwork, and added a globe to express the international nature of this competition.
A CAD rendering (which is a photorealistic image of the final piece) was drawn up to provide a visual of how things were going to look.
Soley also created a scale model (from a 3D print out) to check on specifications. A few adjustments, and all was in production!

Meanwhile, we also got on with creating the winners medals –simpler in that we liked the ‘fronds’ (the wreath like AWC logo) and expanded these into a brooch which could be featured in the centre of each winners medal, as well as worn separately. However, there was still a lot of production required to cast out basic shapes, and refine them into something which was not going to be too heavy.

From left to right - anticlockwise - silver winners medal prototype, platinum casting pre finishing, finished platinum medal with brooch back, brooch medal laid out within winners medal to show arrangement.

It all sounds quite simple here – it wasn’t!  But it was a very rewarding project with the end results we achieved, and an enjoyable experience as I got to roar away with 25,000 other athletics fans and see the winners (sadly not the UK) collect their platinum prizes.

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