Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #13 - Mobius Wedding Ring

Gold Jewellery Combined

A marriage, a new family union, a combination of two pieces of gold jewellery to create a special wedding ring.

Piece: Client's gold chain and gold wedding ring

Activity: Melt pieces together into bar and create single Moebius twist wedding ring

Materials: Gold

My client was getting married and wanted to create a special piece of jewellery, a new family ring to reflect the coming together of her family and her husband's. She had a gold chain, and also a gold ring to work with. We melted the two pieces of gold together into a bar of gold, which we then worked into a ring with a twist (literally!). Often called the Mobius Twist we created a wedding ring that mathematically only has one surface - a never-ending journey! The twist itself was then finished with a diamond hammered effect, creating a sparkle on the surface of the ring which contrasted beautifully with the high polish of the metal.

As you can see, there was still gold left over, with a project like this you want to ensure that there is enough metal to start with. Melting gold is an energy intensive process, and we agreed with client that given none of the jewellery as going to be wearable, it was a better strategy. So, another project in the future.

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