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Hand shapes standard fingersLast but by no means least, following my blog on hand and finger shapes, it is now time to offer some engagement ring style advice for standard hands.

Physical Appearance

Standard hands have the best symmetry of finger versus palm length.  The middle finger is nearly the length of the palm, which has a more rectangular appearance.

Enhance Standard Hands

Standard fingers will suit the majority of ring designs, as there is less need for the ring to provide any kind of style solution.  Designs which are too big/chunky can still feel overpowering.

Engagement Ring Tips

There are no concerns choosing traditional shaped rings for standard hands they work very well.  Indeed, as previously mentioned, those with standard hands tend to suit most shapes of engagement ring.  Style advice would be to keep in mind that if the band is too wide, or the setting too large the finger can look shorter or more plump.  Try larger settings, avant-garde ring shapes such as diagonals or angular designs for rings.


Good Stone Shapes

Most.  Avoid princess.

asscher cut diamondoval cut diamondcushion cut diamond hatton garden londonmarquise shape diamonds are good for short fingersround brilliant diamond london hatton gardenemerald cut diamond stepped

Standard Hands and Fingers – Engagement Ring Shape Suggestions

The engagement ring style advice for ring shapes that will look good on standard fingers is still an endless.  But potentially this can make life a lot harder for choosing a design!  Also, bear in mind that it is never assured that any design will work on standard hands.  We work to what we’ve been told about wearer tastes and styles, no two rings are exactly the same.  But we do put a lot of thought into what is going to work on each hand and recommend that you, dear reader, do the same.

Cushion Trilogy Engagement Ring with trilliant side stones
Cushion Trilogy Engagement Ring with trilliant side stones

A great classic look with a twist having the coloured centre stone.  Here is is a two carat chocolate diamond, but it will look just as breathtaking with a sapphire, or spinel.  The shape is rounded and tapering, always a good look on most hand shapes.

Semi-rubover round diamond engagement ring
Semi-rubover round diamond engagement ring

Sleek and simple works well on standard hands, where elongation isn’t particularly required.  A semi-rubover diamond setting is a nice secure one, and this is practical as well as beautiful.  This look will carry off a smaller diamond or precious stone while looking very sophisticated on standard fingers.

Click here to view Minnie in our gallery.

Round diamond contemporary halo engagement ring
Round diamond contemporary halo engagement ring

Contemporary and eclectic engagement ring styles can be worn with confidence on standard hands and this engagement ring design creates an illusion of more length as well.  Despite the slightly unconventional appearance, a design like this is not going to date, and actually will flatter mature hands as well.  Designed by Rachel Galley, one of the ateliers we work with.


Wide band semi halo engagement ring
Wide band semi halo engagement ring

Standard hands can carry off straighter bands more easily, and rings like this with a wider shank will create a contemporary look on the finger, while still having  a classic feel.  The halo adds to the size of the diamond, always a good way of creating a more substantial effect.

View more information on Andrew Geoghegan’s Celestial engagement ring.

Double halo emerald engagement ring
Double halo emerald engagement ring

The rounded corners on this design ensure that this ring’s appearance does not jar the eye.  And with a double row of diamonds surrounding the centre stone any colour centre stone could be used.  This is another great solution when the wearer really likes sparkle, but the budget realities are for a smaller centre stone!  It makes a great impact.  Other shapes for other stones are also available.

Four claw round engagement ring
Four claw round engagement ring

A four claw engagement ring with a round stone is the default choice in the UK.  It is simple and effective on the hand.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t look for more interesting designs – the Lotus ring by our friends at Pure Jewels is the perfect example of how to create something flattering which is unlike all the other rings out there.  I have sold a fair few!

Lotus engagement ring by Pure Jewels.

Engagement Rings Worn

The double halo of stones on this ring creates a bigger impression around the diamond (which is half a carat).  The effect is mesmerising!  It is easily carried off on a standard hand, holding it’s own against the finger shape.

heirloom london hatton garden

More Hand Shape Ring Information

Visit the other hand shape blogs to get more detail on looks and styles that will work best with each shape. 

Looking for more guidance on the engagement ring? 

We have a lot of information on the ring, as well as diamonds and even the metal choice in our buying guides.

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