The Best Engagement Ring We’ll Ever Make

Will Be Your One.

Your engagement ring, your way, personal to you and very beautiful worn.  We have been helping our clients to find the perfect article since we started our business.  Each ring design is determined by the wearer’s personal style.  Our gallery shows a few of stunning designs available to you, but there are so many, we will curate the suggestions which match your needs aesthetically, materially and financially.   

platinum and diamond Xenia engagement ring by Rivoir
platinum and diamond vortex engagement ring by Dennis & Lavery
Uschi engagement ring by Hans D Krieger, brown diamond, cushion cut
Triumph princess diamond engagement ring and trilogy ring
three stone platinum and diamond halo set engagement ring Ana de Costa
Stefani engagement ring, two claw engagement ring, Heirloom Contemporaries
Solar Wind engagement ring, gold, fancy intense yellow round diamond, andrew geohegan
Secret Garden Engagement ring
sarah engagement ring
reveal engagement ring, platinum and diamond engagement ring, ateliers for heirloom, tension setting
Sophisticated elegant engagement ring in platinum with six claws regina engagement ring
Pure lotus engagment ring in platinum with micro pave side stones
Pippa Engagement Ring Gold & Diamonds Heirloom Contemporaries
platinum engagement ring with princess centre stone and baguette shoulders, heirloom contemporaries
marquise platinum ring london hatton garden
orbital engagement and wedding ring
Odelia diamond engagement ring
Nina Engagement Ring
Natasha Engagement ring
moselle engagement ring
minnie engagement ring
Mina engagement rings
modified to order engagement ring in stock
lily triset engagement ring
liane triset ring platinum
Laura Engagement Ring
Karoline engagement ring
judy engagement ring
Josefine-Engagement-Ring-Platinum-&-Diamonds-Ateliers-for-Heirloom-hans d Krieger
gold and pear shape diamond engagement ring london hatton garden
Ilse Engagement Ring Rose Gold & Orange Brown & colourless diamonds Ateliers for Heirloom Krieger
Emerald diamond Engagement Ring Platinum & Diamonds gold Heirloom Classics tapered baguette side stones
Gerda Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum & Diamonds Ateliers for Heirloom Rivoir
Ateliers for Heirloom, Ana de Costa, Gatsby engagement ring, platinum
Fission Engagement Ring Wedding Band Platinum & Diamonds Ateliers for Heirloom Andrew Geoghegan
Enchanted engagement Ring Wedding ring Platinum Pearl & Diamonds Ateliers for Heirloom Andrew Geoghegan
Platinum & Diamonds matching engagement ring Ateliers for Heirloom Andrew Geoghegan
Bette Engagement Ring Platinum & Diamonds Heirloom Contemporaries
Ateliers for Heirloom,Heirloom London,Engagement ring Hatton Garden,ateliers for Heirloom,rose gold,diamonds
Audrey Engagement Ring
Aphrodite Engagement Ring
Anjuli Engagement Ring Platinum & Diamonds gold nsew compass setting Heirloom Contemporaries
Alexa engagement ring platinum princess diamond engagment ring

The engagement rings in this gallery are the sparkling tip of a very large iceberg!  Therefore if you can’t see what you are looking for here – this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  When we know what you are looking for, we can come up with the right ring design for you, whatever this looks like.

How are our engagement rings different to others?

We focus on the following (and we are really good at each)

Quality of Materials

When we started our business our commitment was always to be towards the top 10%.  This is not our clients, this is the materials we work with.  Our diamonds have a fire and brilliance you’d expect from a Bond Street store, our precious stones have a depth of colour and intensity coveted by others and we work with high purity platinum and gold.  We don’t offer anything we have not seen and approved ourselves.  All this means that regardless of stone size, the quality of an engagement ring from Heirloom London stands out.

Quality of Craftmanship

The average time a goldsmith has been active when we work with them, is about 20 years.  They haven’t trained in a classroom, they have honed their skills working with fine jewellery, and to say that they are very good is a bit like saying that Michelangelo was a decent painter.  It’s true but highly understated.

Our jewellery is put together with care and every detail has been attended to, from ensuring the insides of a setting are polished, to shaping the claws to suit the stone, to positioning the diamond so the microscopic laser inscription is visible.  The simplest engagement ring never feels ordinary.

Quality of Value

We are industry insiders, and this means that we can secure advantageous buying rates, and pass these on to our clients.  We don’t think our jewellery is cheap (we hate the word) but we do think that you would have to go a long way to secure the kind of materials and workmanship we’ve spoken about, for the costs we charge.

Engagement Ring Guide

Engagement Ring Guide

We’ve compiled a useful guide to help when you are looking for the perfect engagement ring.

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