Eternity ring problems and a bit of wearing guidance

“I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day I hold you as high as the stars”

Dr Steve Maraboli

(The final instalment of the Heirloom London Eternity Ring Guide – Pt. 4)

What if the eternity ring is not right?

eternity ring problems and a bit of wearing guidance

Dream eternity ring, or not what you wanted? What are the options for returning an eternity ring?

Our final points in this guide to choosing an eternity ring series.  Moving on from describing your ideal eternity ring design, we now look at what happens if it goes wrong.

An eternity ring is a very special gift, but if the style insights have been ignored, or it is the wrong fit then you may have a problem.  It depends on what you have chosen, and where.

Quite often at Heirloom, we are matching eternity rings to existing jewellery and we advise our clients accordingly.  As I’ve said in earlier blogs, if it is a fit issue, your best bet is to get a three quarter or half eternity ring, so you can adjust it slightly afterwards.  If you are planning a surprise, you have a wedding/engagement ring you can measure, to ensure you get the size right!

Engagement ring problems post purchse, what are my rights? 

Most important here – READ THE SMALL PRINT.  All retailers will have them, and they will be on their website somewhere too.

If this is a quality issue, you are well within your rights to either request an exchange or a refund.  If the problem is aesthetic, it depends on the source.  If the ring is from a multiple retailer, and was off the shelf, then you probably have a pretty good chance of getting a refund; provided that you do so within the period stipulated by the retailer on their terms and conditions as well as in the condition required for a refund to be processed.  But, if this ring has been made to order for you, then you may have to surrender some of your refund to return it. The biggest reason for this is that there are no guarantees your retailer is automatically going to be able to resell the ring which has been made for you.  This means they are taking on stock which they may have to discount to sell.  However standard practice for most jewellery purchases where the item has been made for you is not to refund.  In the case of a bespoke ring, you again would only qualify for a refund  if there was something wrong with the ring itself.

Clearly this is an important purchase, so if you are worried, choose a retailer who offers stock rings, so that you can return or exchange if it is not right.

It’s made to order and the retailer doesn’t offer returns – anything else?

Your only option here is to look into the selling the ring yourself.  In relation to cost, you are highly unlikely to recoup what you paid for your ring (as a customer is more likely to have their own made to order in this instance!).  VAT is not charged on second hand jewellery so advertising you’ve discounted your brand new ring by 20% might get some interest.  Make sure you have a clear description of the ring, finger size and also an assurance that it is brand new and unworn.  If the ring has been worn a few times, you are likely to have to discount further.

If you like the diamonds, and they are a reasonable size – then there is the potential that you remodel them into the eternity ring you would prefer.  This is still going to involve another financial outlay, but especially in the case of good quality stones, you will be paying for having them remade into a new ring setting, rather than the cost of the stones as well.  Or, made into a pendant, or earrings etc.

It’s not all Buyer Beware – final thoughts..

I’m not looking to scare you off getting such an unforgettable gift, and with all the advice in these blogs, I think for most fellas they will be able to make an informed decision.  However, if you are really not sure, it is no different to the engagement ring “will she/won’t she like it” conundrum, it is possible for a couple to choose their eternity ring together!  You could make a day of it on the special event, and have lunch at a memorable restaurant before going to choose a ring design together.  This leaves no room for errors, and also no room for returns based on a style or fit preference.  Simple!

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