Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #1 - Making more of Morganite

Morganite Engagement Ring

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Piece: Engagement Ring
Activity: Full Remodelling with CAD
Materials: Rose Gold, Morganite, Diamonds

In this case, a rose gold and morganite engagement ring had been purchased online for my client.  Unfortunately the images didn’t quite reflect the reality of the ring.

Our clients had got engaged in a field of tulips, and this formed the inspiration for a tulip themed engagement ring, where the morganite was secured in a rose gold basket setting (morganite can be brittle and should always be in a protective setting).

Once we had a sketched concept that the client liked, we moved on to CAD, and produced a full ring rendering to give our clients an idea of how things were going to look.

The ring was then printed as a wax model, and cast into rose gold.  The real magic came when it was in the hands of H, the goldsmith.  The casting was polished and refined, including adding a layer of rhodium to the inside of the ring, to maximise the colour of the morganite.  The result was stunning, and the engagement party went well too!

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