Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #7 - A jewellery wardrobe from a bracelet

1950s Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

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Piece: 1950s Emerald and Diamond Bracelet
Activity: Using diamonds and emeralds from existing piece, create new bracelet and chains
Materials: White gold, emeralds, diamonds

Inheriting a diamond bracelet is quite exciting, however for the client it was a frustration, cherished as it was her mother’s, but not to her lifestyle or tastes.  She wanted something simpler.

We counted 96 diamonds in different sizes.  This was great that we had so much to work with, but a challenge because we had so much to work with.  Client preference was for a rubover set bracelet she could wear every day, and she liked the idea of a chain she could layer up or down as she wanted.  Diamonds by the metre!

For the bracelet remodelling I worked with Sarah Jordan.  Her style embodied the flowing, organic look that my client was after.  Sarah submitted designs for a tennis bracelet, and also diamond chains utilising more of the stones and emeralds from the bracelets, again, to be worn every day.

It was a complex job, as tennis bracelets are a feat of engineering and the chains required careful design to try to minimise twisting with the stones set in them.  But the end result is stunning, and something to be worn and enjoyed  daily, and with a variety of outfits.

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