Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #6 - Upcycling a Cluster

Tanzanite Cluster Ring

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Piece: Tanzanite Cluster Ring
Activity: Repolish stone and make into multi-wear pendant set
Materials: Platinum, tanzanite and diamonds

Our client’s mother had left her a tanzanite cluster ring, which she had numerous memories of her wearing. She wanted to have it remodelled into something that she could wear. Tanzanite is a soft stone, and I don’t recommend it in rings to be worn every day, as you can see in the first image, the facets were worn and the stone looked lifeless.

We put together a proposal to remodel the ring, making it into a dual pendant.  The centre stone will be housed in one pendant, and the diamonds set into a loop which sits around the tanzanite, or could be worn separately.  Our client liked the work of designer Sarah Jordan, and we enlisted her to work her magic on this project.

The finished piece was four looks, the combined pendants as one piece, or as a lanyard, and the individual looks.  A whole jewellery wardrobe on it’s own.  And a lot of wear.

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