Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #5 - Mine Cut Magnificence

Old Gold Engagement Ring with Mine Cut Diamond and Sapphire

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Piece: Old gold engagement ring with mine cut diamond and sapphire
Activity: Remodel stones into new engagement ring, and incorporate shank into wedding rings
Materials: Platinum, gold, diamonds, sapphires

Our client had been left the engagement ring that his grandfather gave to his grandmother, and had used this to propose to his fiancée. The ring itself was very old, we were excited to find that the centre stone was a mine cut diamond, that was probably about 100 years old!  These stones are becoming highly collectable.

The ring itself had been patched and repaired, losing a side stone before it even reached us. In addition, it was not to the tastes of my client’s fiancée.  So we all met and had a chat, and I learned that her preferences were for contemporary pieces. I showed her a few designs we could incorporate her stones into, and she picked a wave shape.  

My client didn’t want to stop there, he wanted the entire engagement ring to be part of their marriage.  I suggested we channelled a wave into each wedding ring, to follow the shape of her engagement ring, and we milled the shank into a fine wire, and used this to fill the channel. So that is what happened.  One happy couple with a family legacy carried on.

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