Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #4 - From Square to Sleek

A Platinum Engagement Ring with Square Stone Setting

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Piece: A platinum engagement ring with square stone setting
Activity: Create a sleek halo setting for client’s cherished diamond
Materials: Platinum and Diamonds

My client loved her engagement ring (as all ladies do!) but felt that the design was a bit clunky on her finger, and didn’t make the best out of the diamond. She likes things to sparkle, and the original setting was not letting enough light in.  It was also overpowering her hand.

We created a split shoulder halo ring, and elevated the centre stone slightly, to ensure that light was entering the diamond from all angles.  The dusting of diamonds further accentuated the stone, and created a statement engagement ring, much more to her tastes!  Starting with a pencil sketch, we deployed CAD to create a 3D model, which was subsequently cast up into the ring.  My goldsmith carved in the edging around the halo and shoulders, before setting all the diamonds.  

The finished result does create a spontaneous “wow”!  Just what an engagement ring should do for the wearer.

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