Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #3 - Combining Heirlooms

Vintage Bridal Rings

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Piece: An old solitaire diamond engagement ring and even older wedding ring
Activity: Create rubover setting on wedding ring, and transfer diamond to create contemporary ring.
Materials: Gold, 1.3ct diamond

My client had been given her late mother’s engagement ring by her father.  She already had an amazing engagement ring, so how else to wear a solitaire diamond?

It was a bit of a challenge, as she likes bold chunky jewellery.  I brainstormed with her existing pieces, until I realised the answer was simplicity.  She also wore her great-grandmother’s wedding ring, a magnificent petal effect piece 8mm wide.  We could add a rubover diamond setting, to create the perfect housing for her stone and create a ring that was definitely non-bridal in feel.

So, that is what we have done.  You can see the whole process in the video opposite, and also another clip of the ring worn.  It really is quite beautiful, and makes the perfect reminder of her late mother, as well as other family members.  A real family creation she wears all the time.

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