Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #14 - Big Rock No Roll

Apart from wanting to redesign the engagement ring, there was the issue of stopping it spinning on the finger..

Piece: Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Activity: Remove stone from existing ring and remount in new mount. Replace stone with onyx in old ring setting.

Materials: Platinum, Diamonds

It is so common for rings to need a hard push over the knuckle, and then to slide from side to side on the finger. Knuckles are often larger than fingers. My lovely client had an antique aquamarine ring she'd picked up in Hatton Garden to replace her stolen engagement ring; with an obvious design flaw in that the stone was not the original one for the setting, and it instead dug into the top of her finger. She'd been told this was normal.. Hear this ladies and gents, this is never 'normal'.. Bad, bad Hatton Garden!  Anyhow, she patiently allowed me to rant about this and then we got on with working out something for her to fall in love with. Her preference was for bold, graphic pieces, and she had a love for Art Deco too.

While we'd considered keeping the stones from the original ring, the size of them and cost to remove and reset in new ring (plus risk of damage) meant that we decided to return the ring setting to how it would have originally looked, with a piece of onyx in the centre. The Aquamarine had a new setting designed for it based around client's preferences for strong Art Deco looks and a sensitivity to costs!

To stop the ring spinning, we created a square shank. This meant that there was a little more space on the corners to twist over the knuckle, and also that once on it 'locks' into place, the straighter edges preventing the same movement a round shank does. This sounds and looks very avant-garde when it's not worn, however on the hand it isn't noticeable which is the main agenda.

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The new setting also helped return more colour and life to the aquamarine, and with the onyx ensuring the old ring could be worn, my client ended up with two rings to enjoy.

If you suffer from your ring slipping or spinning on your ringer, we offer a number of options to address this. Learn more about solutions for those with larger knuckles.

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