Ring Remodelling Case Study #15 - Invisible Hinge for Arthritic Knuckle

An arthritic knuckle was preventing our client wearing her ring. Our clever solution has it back on her finger..

Piece: Vintage Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring

Activity: Remove top of ring from existing shank, build up and attach to hinged wedding ring from the CliQ system

Materials: Platinum, Diamonds

My arthritis is preventing me from wearing my wedding ring..

We hear it a lot and it's not always arthritis. Our client's lovely and well worn engagement and wedding ring no longer went over her knuckle as her arthritis had worsened. The standard jeweller solution was to resize, until basically the ring was the size of a bangle and as soon as it was over the knuckle, rolled around the finger.. No more! We'd had a chat with our client about her options, and the pro's and con's of each. She decided that the CliQ system was going to be the best option for her, given that the rings open a full 180° - avoiding the knuckle and thus any additional aggravation.

The ring had been sized up significantly to work around her knuckle, so we had to bring the sizing down again, which has to be carefully managed when there are diamonds set on the top. The engagement and wedding ring had been combined into a single unit, and we agreed that cost wise as well as for ease of wear, this was best for the new solution. CliQ is the Mercedes solution for arthritis wearer, each ring is made bespoke and so cost wise, this kept things more manageable.

It's very surreal seeing the top of the ring with no shank. Goldsmith had removed it, and actually used the original worn jewellery shank to build up the metal underneath the ring. CliQ rings have a depth to them, which is necessary to house the hinge mechanism. The lightest weight shanks are 2mm, which is between a UK regular and heavy weight band. When the hinged shank arrived, it was carefully cut into, so that the original setting could be attached. It was then carefully tensioned to ensure smooth operation in opening and closing.

The end result - the original ring with a new shank, ready to wear daily* again!

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If you can't wear your wedding jewellery because of arthritis, sports injury or other reasons, we offer a number of options to address this. Learn more about solutions for those with larger knuckles.

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*unfortunately our client said that she was still expected to do her share of the housework!

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