Out of all proportion.. a diamond price guide
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Out of all proportion.. a diamond Price Guide

Diamonds are such funny things really, they have all sorts of essential uses but we still get excited about the glittery ones, at least until we see the price tag.  Should you be surprised?  Here is Heirloom London diamond price guide to set some expectations.
how to tell diamond quality

Worst thing is that one of these diamonds isn’t even real..

I’ve written other blogs about diamonds, and they never loose their allure.  However, in practical terms, when I have a client sat with me, it sometimes gets a little difficult when trying to understand all the variables of what influences the value of a stone.  So I wanted to make it really simple;

The bigger they come, the higher they sell

Value is driven by scarcity.  Don’t think about quantity discounts with diamonds.  The larger the stone gets of a particular quality, the higher the price is going to climb.  So say a 0.50 carat diamond ring is £3,000 – you might expect that a one carat diamond ring is going to be £6,000.  But it is more likely to be £8,000 and if the size increased to 1.5 carats you could be sweating over £20,000. Key sizes where the prices leap up start at 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 & 2.0.  It doesn’t stop – look at the 100 carat stone which sold at Sothebys in New York recently – that was $220,000 a carat!

What you SEE is what you get

I’ve got a client looking for a very specific stone at the moment, and we have been searching for three weeks to find it now.  Have we not seen anything?  Of course we have.  However in general we’ll reject around 8/10 stones at first glance which means when we are looking for something very specific, the market becomes very small.  Why is this?  Well, I’ve said it before here, it is a bit like recruiting for a role.  There are plenty of people out there who on their CVs say that they are of certain experience and calibre.  When you interview them, this number dwindles as you look for the most exceptional person out there, and sometimes it is somebody who you’d never recruit on paper – but when you meet them understand they have a truck load of talent.  I can’t guarantee clients are getting the very best stone for their money if I buy off a list.  I have to watch it perform and ensure it is what it says it is.  I’ve seen VS1 stones which look like I3’s..  That is not an Heirloom diamond and not one I’d ever let them buy.

The shape of things to come

Diamond price guide - stone shapesWhen choosing a stone, round shape diamonds are always popular, symmetrical and curved they suit all hand shapes.  But as a diamond is naturally octahedral, they waste a lot of crystal being cut, and so are not the most cost-effective shape (emerald, asshers, cushions and princess stones are easier to maximise cutting plans).  Choosing an alternative shape to the round stones, can make the difference of a few hundred to few thousand pounds.

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