Miles & Katie Share Their Story Behind the Engagement Ring

Ruth realises how much of a big deal buying an engagement ring is. With this in mind, every new customer is treated uniquely, so their purchase is absolutely right. Therefore, when Miles approached Ruth to help him find that perfect engagement ring for Katie, she endeavoured to get it absolutely right. Of course, this story ends very happily (like they all do), with a thrilled fiancee and the perfect proposal, read on for the story behind how the ring came together.

Miles' Story

Did you know the type of ring Katie would like?

Katie had helpfully left a picture of her ideal ring on the iPad and had ‘subtly’ said she liked the emerald cut..

How had you researched buying an engagement ring?

Having spoken to Ruth, I went away and did lots of research online: I looked at images, and did some diamond research on cuts, costs and shininess!

How did Ruth help throughout the process?

Ruth’s knowledge is so extensive that she went above and beyond what I had expected from trying to buy an engagement ring.

What did you find most interesting in buying an engagement ring?

The whole learning process. I had absolutely no idea about rings or diamonds or anything for that matter but now I know all about the 4cs!

What was your reaction when you first saw the ring?

Delighted! I was proud that Ruth and I were able to design a ring that I felt would be perfect for Katie. It made me feel even more excited about proposing!

Classic emerald shape diamond flanked by trapezoid diamond side stones in platinum.
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Katie's ring at proposal (prior to resizing as definitely too big!)

Katie's Story

Did you have any idea Miles was going to propose?

Honestly had no idea. Miles and I had both discussed getting married sometime after we buy our first house (we haven’t even started looking for one yet!), so our engagement came much earlier than I had expected. So an absolutely amazing surprise!

Did you know the style of engagement ring you would like?

A friend of mine knew exactly the style of ring she wanted before her engagement, and it had never occurred to me the sort of ring I would like! I then worried as Miles isn’t particularly creative, so I decided to do some research and leave some subtle hints around our place for Miles!

What was your proposal like?

We were on holiday in St Lucia. The second day in, I went to the beach, while Miles returned to our room to watch the football. He came down after a couple of hours and within 5 minutes he decided he was bored and wanted to go for a walk down the beach – a little strange given he’d just arrived, but I was happy to go . We got to the far end of the bay, where it was just us on a tiny little bit of the beach, and suddenly Miles turned to me smiling, and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee, and popped the question!

What was your reaction?

Initially, I was very shocked and asked if he was joking! This soon turned to tears of happiness and much excitement!

And what was your reaction to seeing the engagement ring?

My ring is better than I could ever have imagined or hoped for. The design is just perfect; the cut, the shoulders and the setting just suits me perfectly. I still now get dazzled by how sparkly it is!

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