An Apple a Day... Perfect Peridot Jewellery

If green stones are a weakness of your’s, then the peridot is your apple in the garden of Eden. Stones vary in green shades from pale, yellowish green, to an intense, vibrant apple green. Peridot jewellery is a great look, especially for yellow based skin tones.

If emeralds are too dark (and/or expensive) for your tastes, the peridot is a lovely warm shade of green. The best stones come from Kashmir and Pakistan, and are the deepest shades of green.  Basically, the more intense the colour, the more valuable the stone (providing it has been skilfully cut and polished).

The stone being played with here is an 11 carat peridot, as you can see from resting on various hands in the image at the bottom of this blog, it is not a little stone! It is also a very beautiful vibrant apple green, which makes it highly desirable.

What jewellery can peridots be used in?

Peridot is good in all jewellery types, although for daily use it is not recommended in rings. It is a relatively hard stone, but will scratch if not respected. However, it will still make a stand out cocktail ring.

My friend Andrew Geohegan knows a thing or two about how to do something stunning with a peridot. We've collaborated with him several times!

Taking care of peridot jewellery

Unlike many gemstones which are coloured by impurities (sapphires and diamonds included here) peridot’s colour comes from the base composition of the stone itself, which is iron. This does make it slightly sensitive to heat, and also some household cleaners. If your peridot jewellery is looking a little lacklustre, soap and warm water are definitely the best options here. Avoid steam cleaners, and also steer clear of the ultrasonic jewellery cleaners as well, as the sudden change in temperature can crack the stone. As for cleaning the house, you now have the perfect excuse to sit back, pour a glass of wine and explain you are ‘protecting your jewellery’!

The common factor for these three hands, is that they are all good with yellow based colours, hence why a peridot is such a good match.

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