Definitions : Made to Order, Designer or Bespoke Jewellery

When you buy a ring from Heirloom, it will already be something personal to you because of the finishing touches we add to it. However, when you are considering a piece of jewellery through us, there are three routes which will influence flexibility of design, and ultimately the cost of the piece.  You can choose between;

  • Made to Order
  • Bespoke
  • Designer

Each term means something different in the make up of the piece which we cover below;


Whatever your needs, there are always jewellery options in existence.  Heirloom source from their own collection of white label pieces, as well as trusted designers known for their originality and craftsmanship. There are thousands of existing designs out there which we've narrowed down to offer what we think works best for you. Good news is, that overheads are slightly lower, you are not paying for the time required to create a bespoke piece, or the additional skills or materials which may be required to produce it. But here there is still often the flexibility to pick your own gemstone, or engrave something highly personal on the jewellery piece. So the piece has been created to your specification, from an existing design. Hence, made to order.


If you are looking for something particularly unique, for example; a rare gemstone, or a very specific idea for a design which is highly personal to the wearer, or have an item of jewellery that you would like to remodel into a new design, we are likely to recommend the bespoke route.

Bespoke jewellery is a higher value purchase given the time required to create a piece unique to you.  From concepts to designs which may be done either by hand or using CAD, and sometimes with test prototyping made to ensure it is right.  It is often more labour intensive in production, with pieces frequently assembled using a multitude of disciplines. We will discuss stone requirements with you, and source to special order.

It is a slightly longer process, for a piece that will be unique to yourselves.  Bespoke jewellery is very much like having an outfit made for you by a couturier.


Designer jewellery lives in both of the previous worlds, involving the cream of UK design talent. Our unique position in Heirloom means that we quite often collaborate with UK designers, depending on our client needs, to ensure that they achieve a specific look. Sometimes this is an existing design, and sometimes we will work with a designer to create a piece that we know will work for the client's style, with the designer look.

Jewellery designers become well known for their mastery of a particular style, and will accumulate fans in the same way that other designers and artists do. Many will work directly with consumers. The reason why we manage jobs on behalf of our clients is simple, we can talk to both parties in their language and ensure that there are no misunderstandings. If we think something isn't going to work technically, we can advise clients accordingly, and help find a resolution. Likewise, if we know that the design isn't what the client is looking for, we can advise the designer.


They all should do! But at different levels of craftsmanship.


Not particularly. We need to understand your needs first, in relation to styles, materials and budget. Once we are clear on what you are looking for, we can advise you on which route will meet your needs.

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