Loved and Lost — 5 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Ring

This is a tale of heartbreak which many will sadly relate to...

My friend Kay has a beautiful ring – big chunky silver with a red stone set in it. It really suits her, and she was always wearing it. At the time she’d been working on a re-branding exercise for a business, and had done a very good job of it too. The CEO was so happy — he arranged to have her silver ring remade in platinum, with a gorgeous red centre stone. It was stunning – and Kay was thrilled to bits.

She was invited to a Christmas Party in a swanky hotel on Park Lane for dinner.  It was a great evening, well, great for everyone but Kay.  She went to wash her hands pre dinner – and took her ring off to do so. All fine, BUT SHE FORGOT TO PUT THE RING BACK ON when she came back to join the party...  When she realised about 40 minutes later she dashed back – but guess what?  The ring was no longer there. She checked with staff, and reported the loss, but that was the last she saw of it.  Devastating.

Being a jewellery lover myself, I still mourn its passing for her today.

When washing your hands, don't forget to put your jewellery back on!

I’m sure that everyone, either has (or knows of someone who has) left something lovely in a public place.  So I’ve compiled a few hints of things to remember when you are compelled to take a ring off.

1. Location Location Location!

No – not yours, the ring you are wearing.  The simplest way to ensure your jewellery leaves the toilet with you is to take it off and put it in your handbag, or pocket.  That way, even if you forget to put it back on, after your slight palpitation you’ll know where it is.

2. Make a mental checklist

Yes, it sounds odd, but if you have in your head ring off, soap, rinse, dry, ring on that may be all you need to ensure that your hand adornments are still present and correct.

3. Set your sights

For some, memory association works quite well, it may before you take your ring off, to look at the hand towels or dryer, then  look at the ring on your hand and wiggle one finger, and look back at the hand dryer/towels etc.  This means when you go to dry your hands, you will associate the tool with wiggling one finger on your hand, which will bring you back to why you were wriggling your finger in the first place..

4. Ask a Friend

If you are really nervous, take your ring off and leave it with a friend before you head into the toilet. (NB this will only work if you have come with somebody you can trust – so perhaps not to be tried on a first date..)

5. Keep on keeping on

Unless your ring is made of cloth or paper, something made from precious materials is going to be waterproof.  It is suggested that you take your jewellery off to wash your hands, as soap collecting underneath can irritate skin.  But it won’t harm you or it to just wear it, and clean any soap off later (see our guide).  (NOTE – this works when washing hands, but when swimming your hands can contract when wet, and the ring slip off.  Instead find somewhere safe to keep your ring while you enjoy your dip..)

Have you been through the bitter experience of losing a ring?  Any other thoughts?  We’d love to hear your ideas.

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