Jewellery Remodelling Case Study #2 - Refining an Oval

Oval diamond split shoulder engagement ring

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Piece: Oval diamond split shoulder engagement ring
Activity: Full remodel, revised design & CAD model
Materials: Platinum, 1.2ct Oval Diamond & 0.43ct side stones

My clients wanted an oval diamond engagement ring in a split shoulder setting. They had approached a Hatton Garden jeweller and had a rather disappointing experience which resulted in a ring that was nothing like their brief (it is worth checking out our blog on CAD as this illustrates some of the pitfalls in the hands of the inexperienced).  They kept the diamond, but approached me to actually visualise what they were looking for which was a setting with a delicate feel.

The diamond size was 1.2 carats, and so while I agreed we could keep the setting delicate, it needed to be secure.  We designed a single piece where the diamond was held in place in a setting that looked gossamer light, and actually was very strong.

Setting 43 diamonds of graduating sizes in the shoulders was time consuming for the goldsmith, but the end result was magical.  The stone was exposed from all sides, meaning that the light shines through the diamond and reveals its full brilliance.  Finally my client could wear the engagement ring of her dreams.

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