How an Engagement Ring is made

Wondered how an engagement ring is made? We've pulled together a little video..

We think of an engagement ring design when we see the finished pictures. But it has its own journey. This video covers the story of how a platinum engagement ring is made – from its beginnings in the ground, to the finished design.

Sometimes engagement rings are almost commoditised as objects. It is difficult for some to look at such a tiny object and wonder why on earth some of them cost more than a car. And yet, the number of people who are directly and indirectly involved in the production of an engagement ring are vast.

So, from the beginnings where the metal is mined deep under the ground, we follow the long journey from the mine to hand. If you ever wondered how an engagement ring is made, this is interesting viewing.

Why platinum? Well, it is Heirloom’s most popular metal choice for engagement rings. Its’ high purity as well as durable nature means that no other precious metal endures as well, important for something which is going to be on the hand every day. So we thought a video about platinum would be interesting and actually, the process is pretty similar for a gold engagement ring.

Ella is the star of the video, and she’s a curvy stunner! You can also view her in our online store here.

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