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Established in 2014 to provide an exceptional experience for those seeking the perfect piece of jewellery.

What about us?  Our vision of the journey to an unforgettable piece of jewellery is simple.  We offer first class product and first class service first time.  This passion is the driving force behind a personalized offering delivering high design, quality and peace of mind.

Ruth Donaldson

Meet Heirloom : Meet Ruth

It was an interesting journey for a mountain biking, fell running, gym boxing kind of girl to fall into a jewellery career, but those were a few of Ruth Donaldson’s interests thirteen years ago and jewellery was not amongst them.  She wanted a career in marketing and it was a chance move that started this career in a jewellery organisation.  This evolved further into working with the cream of UK design talent, and the most beautiful pieces available.  Ruth realised that great materials and craftsmanship was always going to leave her in a good mood.

These experiences gave Ruth the idea for Heirloom.  “Jewellery buying is a mixed bag.  Not all purchases are equal, especially when it comes to engagement and weddings” she explains.  “How do you know you are getting the best stone, is the piece well made, ultimately who can you trust?  It’s a big deal, and a big investment.  People are going to be wearing these pieces forever.  They need to feel reassured the person they are buying from recognises this rather than being sold any old ring.  It has to be special, in fact the whole experience has to feel special!”

So Ruth turned the art of adornment into a unique experience for every client, taking their wants, needs and budgets into consideration.  A personalised jewellery buying service working to the the client’s convenience, Ruth ensures that every part of the buying process is under client control, including the all important budget.

Unique and personal, Heirloom is the culmination of Ruth’s ambition to ensure that jewellery is meaningfully connected to its wearer, and the experience is as exceptional as the piece.  

You want to know that you've got the very best, and when you open that white lacquered box you know you have. That is a very lovely feeling.

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