Client Testimonials

It really does matter what our clients think

If you are about to invest in an engagement ring, or indeed in wedding or eternity ring, pendant or special bracelet you need to feel comfortable that Heirloom London will exceed your expectations.  And this is where our client opinions are so important.  We’ve built our reputation on them.  We have just started using but you can see our older reviews on Trustpilot, and in addition, a few of our clients very kindly agreed to be filmed sharing a little about their ring experiences.


All Heirloom client testimonials reflect the honest opinions of our clients, but are influenced by the service, quality and value they have experienced on their jewellery buying journey.  We go out of our way to ensure that every client receives excellence, knowing as we do that they may decide to write about it afterwards!  (And yes, we are very proud of our five star average).