An off the shelf, made to order or bespoke Eternity Ring?

“When time is spent, eternity begins”

Helen Hunt Jackson

(Continuing the Heirloom London Eternity Ring Guide: Pt.2)

Our last blog looked at the different terminologies for eternity rings and their diamond coverage, as well as some style insights when considering the right ring for you or the intended recipient. This week we explain the three routes to receiving or buying the right eternity ring, and what they mean.

What can I expect when choosing between an off the shelf, made to order or bespoke eternity ring?

When choosing jewellery, you are going to be picking a design from one of the above three categories. There are some fairly fundamental
differences between them which I’ll outline here;

princess diamond eternity ring in platinum

Off the shelf eternity ring

An off the shelf eternity ring is a ring which is in stock, and available to buy when you visit the store or website. A lot of the largest UK jewellery chains will offer this to their clients. In some instances, the size that a client is looking for may be held at another store, but the ring already exists.  Hence you can pick it ‘off the shelf’.

Pros –

If you are really running short on time for an eternity ring then a high street chain may be able to help ensure that you can walk out of the store with that ring either same day, or in the next 1-2. These rings are also often fully refundable.

Cons –

As stone quality goes, be sure that you are buying these rings for love rather than heirloom value. A lot of these rings have also come from India and the Far East. They aren’t all rubbish, but these rings are highest risk to drop diamonds over time, manufacturing quality can vary.  What looks good under high quality store lighting may not look quite as lively when you get it home..

Choosing a Made to Order eternity ring

Full eternity rings are often made to order, to ensure a perfect fit on the hand..

round brilliant rubover diamond set eternity ring

You are likely to be able to view example rings in store or online, but a made to order eternity ring is a ring where an existing design will be
made specifically to your size requirements, and you should have a little more flexibility over the stone specification as well. Expect to
wait 2-4 weeks for a made to order ring.


Made to order eternity rings guarantee that you get a good fit, as well as better stones. Made to Order rings are surprisingly often better value, as you aren’t paying for the ring to be held in stock. You have more control over having a ring made to your budget requirements.


Lead times, if you are going to choose a made to order eternity ring, make sure you give yourself time to get it sorted out. In addition, if you
aren’t happy with the end product, quality aside, you are unlikely to qualify for a refund, the ring having been made fore you.

Buying a Bespoke eternity ring

hand made bespoke eternity ring to match engagement ring

A bespoke eternity ring is exactly that. The design is made to your specification, and the stones specifically sourced according to your specification. A bespoke eternity ring will take 2-8 weeks dependent on the stones sought (as the usual request will be for matched diamonds, and the larger the stones requested, the longer it will take to source).

 We made this bespoke half eternity for our client as she had a very specific ideal for how she wanted the ring to look..


Like a piece of tailoring, this is made to your exact preferences. You will be able to see the difference in stone quality. And of course you will own something truly unique.


With the quality of the materials, design and workmanship engaged in a bespoke eternity ring, be ready to pay significantly more for the service. If you are looking for an eternity ring with less than a carat of stones, it is much harder to justify the cost.


It is often found when choosing fine jewellery that things become more complicated!  However, having an idea of the terminology will help you eternity ring you understand the factors which will influence price and availability.

Next Blog

By now you should have your ring ‘blueprint’ and are ready to start shopping!  We’ll look at the different design types available, and how they are described.

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Want more advice?

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