How to describe your ideal eternity ring design

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity”

Kahil Gibran

(Continuing the Heirloom London Eternity Ring Guide: Pt.3)

As we continue our eternity ring series, the last blog hopefully got you thinking about the ins and outs of what to
consider when buying an eternity ring
.  By now, hopefully you’ve come to some conclusions about your ring ‘blueprint’ and are ready to start
shopping for the perfect ring!  This blog looks at the different eternity ring designs available, which is mainly driven by how the stones are set.  We describe the most common setting types.  Hopefully this is useful to anyone looking for some eternity ring advice, for a gift, and anniversary or as a wedding ring!

If you feel confident you know the differences between the settings, this will enable you to describe the ideal eternity ring design to ensure you find your perfect gift.

Channel Set Eternity Ring

One of the most common setting types, you can find these in store, online, basically anyone who sells an eternity ring should be able to offer
one of these.

channel set eternity ring platinum gold
What does a channel setting look like?

The stones are secured in place between two parallels of metal, with the
metal edges delicately swept over the stones to keep them secure.  This
is the most secure setting for an eternity ring as the metal protects
tiny stones from knocks and damage, and provides a large area to secure
larger stones.

Why would I want a channel set eternity ring?

If you or the wearer like to keep things simple and understated this is
very sleek.  It is also a good setting for very active hands, at least
if the ring is good quality.  Channel settings also maximise the number
of diamonds in a ring, as stones can be arranged with no spaces between


grain set diamond eternity ring platinum gold

Grain Set Eternity Ring

Another popular eternity ring setting, presenting a more classic appearance for eternity ring wearers.

What does a grain setting look like?

Tiny diamonds are held in place by beads of metal.  Sometimes the ring will
have slightly raised edges to offer further protection.

Why would I want a grain set eternity ring?

If you have a love of classic or vintage looks, then this ring is likely
to please.  Grain set eternity rings make lovely wedding rings, against
four and six claw settings.  They are slightly more economical than
the Channel setting as well, the diamonds being spaced slightly further
apart so fewer stones required.


claw set diamond eternity ring heart diamonds platinum

Claw Set Eternity Ring

This setting is often aspired to, the diamonds almost masking the metal of the ring.  Often designed to match engagement ring bands, although these rings are fun on their own as well.

What does a claw setting look like?

Stones travel the width of the band, and are secured in place by tiny claws.  This setting works with all symmetrical diamond shapes.  These setting should be regularly checked, as the tiny claws can be damaged.  A half eternity would be a better option for active hands.

Why would I want a claw set eternity ring?

If you are mainly motivated by the stones, and less by the metal then the claw setting could be the right ring for you.  This is wall to wall diamond, and unlike the grain set which mainly focuses on round stones, the claw setting is quite versatile for all diamond shapes.


bar set diamond eternity ring design platinum princess diamonds

Bar Set Eternity Ring

Bar settings are designed to allow as much light into the stones as possible, by opening the design out on two sides.

What does a bar setting look like?

Stones are held in place by parallel metal bars which run horizontally along the rings’ profile.  Works with all diamond shapes apart from pear, marquis and trillion.

Why would I want a bar set eternity ring?

This setting has an Art Deco feel to it, it creates a very graphic look.  Bar set rings make quite a statement on the hand, and are great as stand alone rings.  They also emphasise the diamond shape.  If you are looking for a ring to really show off larger stones, this is a great


Rubover setting diamond eternity ring design platinum and diamonds

Rubover set eternity ring

The emphasis is on stone shape in these eternity rings, and the metal frames can create the illusion of greater stone size.

What does a rubover setting look like?

Diamonds in these rings are set in individual metal frames which provides a sleek look in a very secure setting.  Great for all stone shapes and in some settings different stone shapes are mixed and matched.

Why would I want a rubover eternity ring?

These are great settings for creating an illusion of size with smaller stones.  In addition, the rubover setting is a very secure option as the stone is completely secured in a smooth setting.  The look is more contemporary and emphasis on stone shape can create a more flattering look for all hand shapes.


platinum flush set diamond eternity ring design

Flush set eternity ring

While it could be argued that these are not technically eternity rings because of the spacing, the opportunity still exists to create a eternity style finish so I’ve included the look here.

What does a flush setting look like?

Stones are embedded in the ring in carefully drilled or carved holes to
secure them.  This method works for any stone shape.  Diamonds can be
closer together or set further apart depending on the design.

Why would I want a flush set eternity ring?

If your preference veers towards earthy, organic looks then flush set stones offer the wearer an understated finish, while still offering sparkle.  Rings can be polka dotted with diamonds, sapphires or rubies for a fun look.

pave set russian style eternity ring rose gold, gold and platinum

Pave Set Eternity Ring

This is all about diamond coverage, no metal is left exposed in a lot of these eternity ring designs.

What does a pave setting look like?

Tiny diamonds are held in place by even tinier beads of metal creating a glittering carpet on the surface of the ring band.

Why would I want a pave set eternity ring?

If you love a lot of sparkle in your life, these rings are quite spectacular with their brilliance.  Care does need to be taken with the tiny settings, as their size leaves them slightly more vulnerable to damage, and the same applies to the diamonds themselves.  A half or three quarter eternity ring would be a better choice for daily wear.


Understanding the descriptions for each eternity ring design has probably already articulated the type of eternity ring you would like to find.  Keep it simple!  You may like one or two of the designs, go and investigate them in more detail.  Just remember if you go overboard you are likely to prevent yourself making a decision (remember what happens with information overload!) so once you’ve chosen the style you like, try and stick to it as you find the right design!

There is one more blog coming for eternity rings (and then I’m going to lie down in a darkened room for a little while..).  But just a couple more points, firstly on what happens if you don’t like your eternity ring, and secondly a couple of notes on how to wear it so it lasts!

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