Sarah Jordan

With every single design, the first master has always been hand carved by Sarah Jordan herself

From early beginnings as a silversmith, Sarah Jordan recently celebrated 25 years as one of the UK’s foremost jewellery designers.

When you put on a piece of Sarah Jordan you immediately recognise the quality inherent within, design without compromise and made to last and enjoy a lifetime.  This is from the mindset of the designer, from a very early age Sarah was more engaged in the sculptural.  More likely to be found building and constructing random things in her the sand pit, than watching television.  She was always destined to be creative in some form or other and luckily jewellery ended up being the chosen medium to express this.

With over 25 years in the business, Sarah still views design as an intuitive process which is a pleasure to do.  Perhaps the reason why her jewellery feels so natural to wear, and all of her collections carry an innately confident style.  She moves from plush opulence to sleek simplicity and everything in-between, giving the wearer boundless opportunities to express themselves, for the sheer love and joy that exists in wearing great jewellery design.

Sarah Jordan Jewellery, Ateliers for Heirloom
Ateliers for Heirloom, Sarah Jordan Jewellery
Sarah Jordan Pirouette Pendant Tahitian Pearl

Ruth on Sarah

Sarah is somebody who I met pretty early into my fledgling jewellery career, where she had just won (another) design award for an amazing platinum and diamond ring called ‘Serenity’, which still features in her collections today.  It still is one of my all time favourite designs, and her warmth and passion about jewellery was disarming, I learned a lot!

You can’t not like Sarah, her casualness is deceptive, she’s unbelievably switched on and perceptive of everything going on around her, which I think is what makes her such an amazing jewellery designer, she doesn’t look at jewellery from the perspective of how it works on a piece of paper, she’s working things out as to how it will look worn.  And she lives the dream, I am actively envious of her gorgeous Welsh farmhouse!

There is always a slightly revelationary moment when I give clients a piece of Sarah Jordan jewellery to wear.  That is because when it goes on, so does a light bulb!  She authors brilliant designs which are always talking points, made to be worn and enjoyed.

Sarah Jordan Famous Wearers

Sarah’s flowing style has proved popular with several celebrity wearers over the years.

Eva Longoria wearing Sarah’s Panache bangle during a visit to the Academy Awards platinum stylist suite.

Fiona Bruce has been spotted wearing her Sarah Jordan Itsy hoop earring and Mimic pendant, both reading the news and here at her book launch.

Meet the Atelier

Designer Name

Sarah Jordan

Your Company

Sarah Jordan Jewellery

 Where do you live (and where is home?)

I live and work on my farm in rural Wales.

Living here is so inspirational without the clutter of noise and pollution to crowd/cramp the creative process.

 What was your jewellery design journey?

At college I studied three dimensional design, majoring in silversmithing.  After leaving college I was head hunted by a product design company that also specialised in jewellery and this is where I taught myself jewellery, learning on the job so to speak! My silversmithing background has had a strong effect on the sculptural signature style of my jewellery

 What is your design code?

I design from the heart, creating jewels that touch the people who wear them. Each design is styled for, visual impact, comfort, harmony with the body and originality (of course). The inside and reverse of each design is as important as the front facing, no design is complete until all angles work in harmony and as a whole.

 What inspires you?

I take inspiration from the natural world and the way that nature feels so perfect.  Its hard to beat.  Walking the dog in the countryside around the farm feeds my creativity.  If a design isn’t working I don’t force it, just leave it on one side and maybe come back to it. Sometimes, years later  I suddenly see how it was meant to be and it comes to life then!

 Describe the woman/man who wears your designs

The age span goes from teenager to pensioner but I would describe them as being stylish and individual, independent of thought, confident and as such not reliant on the media or celebrities to dictate their personal style.

 What is your favourite design?

Sarah Jordan silver pendant ruffle

Impossible to say, as I love tooooo many. Some are important as they as such good sellers, e.g. the original Ruffle pendant (I have lost count of how many I have made) which always looks fresh.

Your proudest moment.

Probably being voted UK Jewellery designer of the year, I was up against Boodles, Georg Jenson and Jeremy Hoye and I won!

What awards have you won?

UKJA Designer of the Year, Tahitian Pearl Trophy, PJ Hot 100, Platinum Guild International Design Awards, Design Innovation awards and quite a few more!!

What is your Heirloom?

My wedding ring.

 Finally, can you tell us your philosophy?

Live life to its fullest and enjoy yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff. Be kind.