Sarah Ho

Sarah narrates her story through her jewellery designs, creating precious bookmarks for the lives of her wearers.

Sarah studied in London and Antwerp before launching her eponymous brand, Sarah Ho London (or SHO).

The story behind Sarah Ho and her collections is a personal reflection of the different chapters in her life and her family heritage, creating an autobiography through her jewellery collections. Each has its own story to tell, inspired by important milestones and expressed in a feminine way through precious metals and gemstones creating intricate designs with an everlasting elegance..

Sarah has a busy mantelpiece with numerous jewellery awards including Coutts Bank Young Jewellery Designer of the Year as well as the Tahitian Pearl Awards.

Sarah Ho London creates a sense of effortless femininity for the wearer.  Heirloom London are always excited to showcase Sarah’s designs because they work so well with so many shapes and outfits.  She offers jaw dropping red carpet creations as well as everyday treasures in silver, gold and platinum.  Sarah Ho is a jewellery designer who’s creations provide a commentary for special moments in the wearer’s life.

Ruth Donaldson Heirloom London Sarah Ho SHO London

Ruth on Sarah

I met Sarah many years back, when numerous people in the industry were saying to me “You have to see this new designer called Sarah Ho, you’ll love her!!”  And they were right, the first time I went to meet her I fell in love with everything she did – her design execution is flawless, and her creativity left me really energised.  I’m not on my own here, Sarah quite rightly is an award winning designer who’s work graces magazines and celebrities alike.

Sarah combines beauty with intelligence in her designs.  Wearable and flattering, her pieces start conversations and attract attention because they are true originals.  They emphasise the wearer’s own sense of style but never overpower it.  This is jewellery designed by  a jewellery lover, making the everyday as exceptional as the red carpet moments.
As a person, for somebody so talented Sarah is really down to earth.  Always friendly and welcoming (even though her jet-set lifestyle would destroy a lot of people!) she’s as artful as her designs which means she’s always great fun to be around.  I’m really proud of her success, it is 150% deserved based on her boundless reserves of glittering talent.

Sarah Ho London on the Red Carpet

Sarah’s designs regularly attract celebrity attention!  From her bespoke couture designs to her everyday silver she knows how to ensure a girl feels correctly adorned..

Sarah’s designs have been seen on Jordan Dunn, Lily Allen, Kimberly Walsh, Amanda Holden, Nicole Scherzinger and numerous others.

Nicole Scherzinger wears Sarah Ho’s Paradis rings to the Pride of Britain awards in 2015.

Model Jordan Dunn is resplendent in SHO London at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. Jordan wears Paradis Earrings and Plume Ring.

Singer Beverly Knight is gorgeous in SHO London bespoke and Vita Vitae at the 2015 Olivier Awards.

Meet the Atelier

Designer Name

Sarah Ho

Your Company

Sarah Ho London

 Where do you live (and where is home?)

I live in London, but I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Macau.

 What was your jewellery design journey?

I studied fashion design first, and then realised my passion for jewellery and gemstones;  I then graduated in jewellery design from London Met University, and in gemmology from the HRD in Antwerp.

I now love collecting special unusual gemstones, and designing jewellery for my clients.  It is always very special to design a piece for someone.  I take their story and translate this into a piece of jewellery – a ‘Portrait Jewel’ that is very personal to them.

 What is your design code?

My styline includes the fine lines of gemstones, and delicate lace-work, which creates very feminine elegant jewellery.  I like to design jewellery that is very wearable, so it can be worn and cherished forever.

 What inspires you?

Every collection I design has a story to tell, and is a personal reflection of the different chapters in my life and my family heritage.  I am creating an autobiography through my jewellery.  I have a love of colour and passion for gemstones, which I save for my couture pieces.

 Describe the woman/man who wears your designs

Our jewellery is popular with jewellery lovers.  The designs are versatile to be worn with jeans by day, and an elegant outfit for the evening.

 What is your favourite design?

Sarah-Ho-Paradis-EarringsMy couture Paradis Earrings.  When these earrings were finished, I realised I had found myself, and my style as a jewellery designer.

 Your proudest moment.

The birth of my children, and as they grow they continue to make me proud of their achievements.

What awards have you won?

I’ve won the Italian Jewellery Awards, Coutts Bank Young Jewellery Designer of the Year, Tahitian Pearl Awards and numerous trade accolades.

What is your Heirloom?

I treasure the jewellery that I inherited from both my mother and grandmother.  Although they both had very different styles, they were both avid jewellery collectors.  I have created collections inspired by both of their jewellery styles

 Finally, can you tell us your philosophy?

“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.