Fei Liu

Creativity is in Fei’s DNA.  His life experiences have shaped his perception of jewellery design, ensuring his pieces are always unique

Fei studied at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, where many talented UK designers have emerged from.  He launched Fei Liu Fine Jewellery in 2006.

He designs his jewellery by combining his life and expereiences in the west, with his Chinese heritage.  The result of this is always visually creative pieces which have broadened the visual appeal of fine jewellery.

Fei has won countless awards for his collections.  He has been the first Chinese designer to have won the gold prize at the British Goldsmith Jewellery Design and Craftmanship Awards.  In China he was Harper’s Bazaar Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2012, and he’s also won the Platinum Design Innovation Award in 2009 and 2011.

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery goes from strength to strength, and at Heirloom London we are proud to offer his designs.  From glittering bridal jewellery to delicate flower pendants, to chunky gemstones in sizzling colours – Fei Liu has designed jewellery to be worn and enjoyed as pure unadulerated adornments on a daily basis.

Fei Liu Atelier Portrait

Ruth on Fei

I’ve known Fei for over ten years now, he was trying to find ways to make  platinum in jewellery more accessible to a larger audience and I fell in love with what he was doing.  We’ve collaborated over the years, and he never ceases to amaze me with the design powerhouse that is located in his head.  His design pedigree speaks for itself, it would be impossible to list all of his awards and accolades in one page.

Fei looks at jewellery in the six dimensional, he wants it to be beautiful and treasured – by a wider audience and I often surprise clients with pieces that would stand proud on the red carpet, which are accessibly priced

Fei’s jewellery is beautifully designed and made.  I am rather smitten by a pair of Ethiopan Opal earrings, the stones are just unbelievable, like the northern lights in a pair of earrings!  I hven’t seen a pair of opals this good in a long time.

In addition, Fei is great fun, genuinely caring and an all round good person.  You can see his heart and soul in his designs, and isn’t it lovely?  Explore his pieces, be prepared to fall in love and wear him daily with love and pleasure.

Fei Liu on the Red Carpet

Fei’s designs are often seen on the red carpet, both in the UK and China.  From his bespoke designs to pieces that are offered by Heirloom London his pieces will always make a statement and ensure that the wearer feels correctly attired.

From Caroline Seiber to Dannii Minogue, Zhang Ziyi to Gemma Merna, there is a Fei Liu design to appeal to everyone.

Meet the Atelier

Designer Name

Fei Liu

Your Company

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

 Where do you live (and where is home?)

I live in Birmingham, England but my home is Chong Qing, China.

 What was your jewellery design journey?

Initially, I studied advertising and packaging. I only became fascinated with gemmology after I worked as a packaging designer. I went on a trip to Hong Kong in 1995; that was the moment I realised that I wanted to work in jewellery.

Jewellery is special to me because it’s a strong means of expression. I actually create a lot of bespoke pieces for my mother – it’s fulfilling to create pieces that make her happy.

 What is your design code?

Feminine, symbolic and refined. I try to design every piece from a 360 degree angle, so that every aspect is beautiful. I like to put symbolism into my work that reflects the essence of a woman, so she can feel as beautiful wearing the piece, as the piece itself.

 What inspires you?

What inspires me the most, I think, is everyday life. The beauty hidden in the detail of individual everyday objects and everyday sights – things which may be overlooked but which a designer such as myself might notice and pay attention to.

 Describe the woman/man who wears your designs

Any woman who wants to discover and show a little more of her feminine side. Femininity is one of the most important aspects of my work, along with glamour and the exotic. Although they are interpreted very differently throughout my collections, these themes always form the basis of my designs so that any woman can find a collection that fits her personality.

 What is your favourite design?

I get asked this a lot, but I genuinely don’t have one. As a designer, I put so much of myself into every piece I create that it’s hard to not be sentimentally attached to each piece. It’s like asking a parent which one of their children is their favourite!

 Your proudest moment.

My proudest moment was the response to the Dawn collection. The design is a modern take on a classic design that expresses the idea of life and growth – it’s inspired by coral plants. It won three awards and has become one of my most popular collections.

What awards have you won?

IJL 2013 Editor’s Choice Award for Technical Excellence; Lonmin Design Innovation Award 2011 and Lonmin Design Innovation Award 2011 – to name a few.

What is your Heirloom?

My photo album.

 Finally, can you tell us your philosophy?

“Design is not a result.  It is a process”