Wedding Ring Guide

The wedding ring is a story that goes back a long way.

It is the most stubborn piece of jewellery, like a tattoo it seizes, binds and refuses to come off.

These are the culmination of your bridal journey, and the most enduring expression of your commitment you’ll own.

Heirloom London wedding ring buying advice
We’ve assembled this wedding ring guide to help you make your choice. We can offer styles to suit every taste, from the classic plain bands, to more elaborate pieces utilising different techniques, and/or gemset.

‘The Ring’ is a very generic term which covers every aspect of a ring. It is perfectly acceptable to describe the wedding ring, but other terminology you might hear is ‘band’. This is a slightly more specific term, which does describe the metal encircling the finger. However either term is understandable, especially as it usually comes prefixed with ‘engagement’, ‘wedding’, eternity etc etc..

Band Width

Width of ring - Wedding Ring GuideThis is the horizontal measurement of the band. Standard widths are between 2-4mm for women and 3.5mm for men.

It is possible to buy wedding rings which have been matched to engagement rings, ensuring a perfect fit. In addition, couples can match the general style of their wedding rings together, creating their ideal set.

Band Profile

This describes the shape of the exterior of the band. There are two main types, although perhaps unsurprisingly, several variations beyond this.

Round Profiles
Round Profiles

These are as described, curved profiles at different heights. You may already have heard of ‘d-shaped’ which is a popular choice, if you imagined the ring sliced through, the profile would be like a capital ‘D’. There are many other to choose from though.

Flat Profiles
Flat Profiles

These are bands which have a flattened or level outer surface. These rings are selected for a bolder, more contemporary look.

Comfort Fit
Comfort Fit

This is a standard description for the inside of the band. Comfort fit is where the band edges have been curved, to ensure the finger slides into the ring comfortably.

Profile Finishes

A ring finish is the general appearance of the band profile. While a polished finish is often the most popular choice in the UK there is a variety available, and can be combined to create unique styles.  We’ve detailed the most common below – click on an image for more details;

  • Polished


    A high shine finish achieved with polishing brushes and emery powder.

  • Brushed


    The surface of the ring is finished using a coarser brush creating a textured finish.

  • Satin


    This is another brushed finish, however it is much finer than matte

  • Matte


    A smooth finish achieved by polishing the surface of the ring with a wire brush.

  • Weave/Braid


    A raised design that resembles strands of metal woven together.

  • Millgrain


    A raised, beaded line on the ring's profile.