About Our Metals

Heirloom London offers 18Kt gold and platinum for all its jewellery. In addition, some non bridal, non-bespoke pieces come in other metals. The name Heirloom is a promise of quality, longevity and preciousness. In specialising in platinum and gold, Heirloom are ensuring that their jewellery lives up to their name by the ultimate white and yellow precious metals

About Platinum
About Platinum

Pure, rare and eternal, platinum is the king of metals, and embodies the uniqueness of your relationship. It is a great choice for engagement and wedding rings, as it doesn’t change colour, or wear away. Learn more here.

About Gold
About Gold

Whenever man has found gold he has fashioned it into a jewel, worn it as a symbol of status or power, or given gold jewellery as a public declaration or intimate celebration of his love to a woman who has then worn it, loved it and handed it down through countless generations. Read on here.

Caring For Your Jewellery
Caring For Your Jewellery

Heirloom clients can have their jewellery professionally cleaned annually by Heirloom. But regular care will keep it looking pristine. We’ve enclosed some directions to keep your jewellery shining and sparkling.

A word on white gold

Platinum naturally whiteHeirloom can make white gold available, but we don’t offer it as standard for bridal rings. Our rationale is simple, it is impossible to make white gold truly ‘white’ and maintain high gold purity. White gold is often rhodium plated, to give its high white lustre. Over time this wears off. For engagement and wedding rings which are going to be worn daily, this means that every 1-2 years the ring will require re-plating. So within about 3-5 years time, the difference in cost of having bought a platinum ring will be lost, and you’ve had to give your ring up 3-5 times. We make it easier, and recommend platinum as the best long term option. However, if you prefer the warmer shade of white gold which has not been rhodium plated, we are happy to offer this.

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