Jewellery Buying Guides and Advice

Fine jewellery purchases are not an everyday occurrence  for most individuals.  As a result it can feel quite stressful.  It could be wedding rings, the perfect engagement ring, a pendant for a special event, any item of fine jewellery really.  The desire to get it right leads to trawling through reams of data, which can often make things worse.  We’ve put together a few buying guides to explain some of the terminology, you may hear, and the considerations which really matter.

If you aren’t certain, feel free to email us and ask your questions.

  • Engagement Ring Guide

    Engagement Ring Guide

    Whatever you are planning, our guide will help you to ensure the ring is the easy part.

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  • Wedding Ring Guide

    Wedding Ring Guide

    Simple and straightforward, our guide outlines the buying considerations for the wedding ring.

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  • Diamond Insider

    Diamond Insider

    People spend years training to become diamond experts. But, if what you want is a sparkling stone, what really matters is quite simple and we've collated the basics here.

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  • Caring for Your Jewellery

    Caring for Your Jewellery

    Following the directions in this link will keep your jewellery shining and sparkling.

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  • About our Metals

    About our Metals

    We choose to offer platinum and 18 Karat gold as our standard. We've included some more information for you to learn about these iconic metals here.

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  • Designed vs Bespoke

    Designed vs Bespoke

    When you are considering a piece of jewellery through us, there are two routes which will influence flexibility of design, and ultimately the cost of the piece.

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