Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of buying jewellery from Heirloom London?

Basically, it makes your life far easier.  You tell us what you are looking for, we source the right options for you and you choose the perfect piece.  We do all the running around and support your decision making.  No trawling through countless websites, visiting stores and asking everyone you can think of for advice.  Instead you delegate your problem to an expert, and enjoy hassle free jewellery buying that saves you time and stress, delivers the perfect design and guarantees a good investment.

Can I afford to have a personal jewellery concierge?

We operate a different business model to traditional retailers, and buying fine jewellery through Heirloom delivers the very best value you would achieve anywhere on comparable materials and designs. We will find the right jewellery to your budget specification. You can discuss this further with one of our experts – we don’t charge for information. Trust is important, and if we think you can source a design more effectively elsewhere, then we will tell you.

How much does your jewellery cost?

It really depends what you are looking for. For a half carat (50pt) Gvs1 solitaire diamond in a platinum engagement ring setting, you can expect to pay around £2,500 at today’s prices*. Wedding rings will vary by weight. For a plain 18Karat gold medium weight male wedding ring with a width of 5mm in size S, the price will be about £559.
*Prices checked as of August 2015

How does your service differ to buying online?

Images are a great way to get a feel for design, but can be deceiving when something doesn’t quite look the same when it is delivered. Our belief is that to make an informed decision when purchasing fine jewellery, you need to be able to see, touch and interact with the pieces. Our service starts with a phone call and always ends up face to face. We have a plethora of jewellery on our site, all available to purchase, or to use as inspiration to find what you are looking for. But as our service is personalised, we don’t sell online, only in person.

When will my jewellery be delivered?

Lead times will vary dependent on the piece ordered and stone availability. In general, from commissioning an Heirloom engagement ring can take up to 10 working days (although we are able to expedite some of our own designs to 4 working days for a small premium). Delivery times for jewellery from our designers vary from 5-15 working days dependent on whether the design exists in stock, or whether a new piece has to be commissioned. Let us know your needs and we will do everything we can to ensure your design is delivered in time.

Why do I have to pay for my jewellery in advance?

The majority of what we offer is made to order, and as such we require part payment which is a 50% deposit to commence work. You are effectively securing your stones and commission.

How do I know that I am purchasing top quality jewellery from your business?

All our jewellery is hallmarked, our diamonds are GIA certified, and we also offer proof of purchase on coloured gemstones over a certain size. All of our jewellery is either made in the UK or Germany by skilled individuals in long established businesses, who have built their reputations on quality. Finally, you will know when you view it, feel it and wear it.

Will Heirloom consultants come to meet me at a location of my choosing?

Heirloom are relatively flexible. We offer visits throughout London. The safety and security of our customers and our own team are paramount. We will always come to convenient locations for our clients, but for certain commissions, we may specify location options.

Do you offer sale prices or discounts?

In short, ‘no’. We share the very best quality and value with our clients first time, marking prices up to provide perceived ‘discounts’ just doesn’t work for us. Sales are for overstocked materials and as we produce pieces to order, this does not occur.

Can you copy a design I've seen elsewhere?

Heirloom are proud of their own designs and designers, and we won’t plagiarise the work of others. Our service excels by learning about your design inspirations and recommending comparable styles and designs that we carry, or by having our designers create a unique bespoke solution for you.

How do you accept payment?

We ask for payment to be made by cheque or bank transfer. All banking details are supplied on our invoices.
We will be accepting card payments very soon but this will incur a card processing fee. Please note, we don’t accept cash and orders paid by cheque will not be placed until the cheque has cleared into our account.

How is my jewellery delivered to me?

We usually hand deliver your jewellery. If we can’t agree a handover time convenient to our clients, we will use Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed (which is fully insured).

What if I don't like the piece when it is delivered?

Our sales process is designed to ensure that you purchase your jewellery with the full confidence that it is exactly what you are expecting (but even better than that). Heirloom doesn’t offer refunds on bespoke and made to order jewellery in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you have changed your mind about your design, or decide that you would prefer something different once the piece has been presented, we will endeavour to use some of its value towards the price of another commission – but this will be minus our administration charges.

Are your products ethical?


Following various scandals over the years, the precious metal industry has been tightly regulated and producers have to comply with extensive legislation.  As a result we are satisfied that our suppliers are buying platinum and gold that benefit the communities who produce it.

All of our diamonds are sourced through the Kimberley process, and likewise, our gemstones are carefully chosen from sources known to be beneficial to the communities who derive their livelihoods from this activity.

For clients with a particular concern, we can offer fully traceable gold and diamonds.  There is a premium applied to these products from the originators.


We are proud to offer jewellery from the cream of the industry. It is mostly British in design and manufacture, although we are honoured to be able to offer German product and some Italian.  The European fine jewellery industry is an excellent employer, and the teams who produce our pieces are recognised as skilled craftsmen and rewarded accordingly.

I have another question not listed here.

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