Caring for your Jewellery

Fine jewellery is made to last, and as a result relatively low maintenance. Our guide to caring for your jewellery will keep your precious pieces shining and sparkling.

For best results, use a soft cleaning cloth, chamois leather or synthetic chamois – together. Either use a mild solution of soap and warm water, and gently rub it with a soft cloth, or buy a jewellery cleaning solution. Avoid fluffy cloths or towels, as the threads may catch in claws, and spoil the appearance, as well as weakening the setting.

A more intensive clean for polished jewellery is to dab cleaning liquid generously onto the jewellery. Polish in a gentle, circular motion, making sure to cover the entire surface of the metal. Next, using a dry area of the cloth, polish the newly cleaned metal, again using a circular motion. This will remove any excess cleaning fluid, and give your jewellery a deep, clear shine.

Ultrasonic cleaners are good for cleaning diamonds and precious stones (apart from opals). However, an old toothbrush and soapy water is equally effective. Make sure you scrub in all the crevices, and remove all soap afterwards. Rinse with hot water and your stones will sparkle

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